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Mike Billoni describes himself as a professional “ Rainmaker.”

Mike with Buffalo Bisons Owners Bob and Mindy Rich and reknown sports broadcaster, Bob Costas.

It’s a title based on more than 40 years of working with corporations, professional sports teams, government officials, businesses of all sizes, and individuals from all walks of life, and successfully making connections for them that have moved their projects and their plans forward.

If you have a business project or a defined personal goal that you would like to achieve, consider making Mike and Billoni Associates members of your team. 

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In the United States in 2019, more than four million books were published. That is ten times the number  that were published just twelveSeasons of Buffalo Baseball years earlier, in great part due to the recent explosion of self-published authors.

Still, if you have a passionate desire to write and publish a book, you should not be discouraged by those numbers. Your book could be the next New York Times Bestseller. All you need to do is write it.

No so easy, you say?

Mike and our Billoni Associates Team can help.

We have an expertise in researching, writing, editing, producing, printing and marketing books, from biographies like Robert E. Rich: Memoirs of an Innovator, to the sports history tome The Seasons of Buffalo Baseball 1857-2020, a 400-page, hardcover update of Joseph Overfield’s The 100 Seasons of Buffalo Baseball.

We also can help guide you as you write your own book, connecting you with editors, cover and interior designers, and test reader groups. Most importantly, we can share the essential book writer’s wisdom: You can’t edit a blank page!”

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One of the most essential elements of succeeding in life is communication. The thing is, in order to move a project forward or make a dream come true, you often need to communicate with individuals or businesses you don’t know, and who may not know you.

At Billoni and Associates, Mike’s most regularly spoken words are, “I know a guy.” In every instance, whether it be from his newspaper career, his years in baseball management and promotions, his time working with nonprofits and on government initiatives, or his experiences in book writing and publishing, Mike does know someone he can contact to help advance your project or support your business needs.

If you have a dream you want to realize. If your business is in need of promotional or collaborative expertise to achieve a goal, Mike and the Billoni Associates Team can help you communicate those needs and make the connections to lead to your success.

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Mike’s father, Anthony S. Billoni

Mike Billoni learned the importance of “community” working alongside his father and uncle at their Colvin Cleaners family business. It  was a lesson he has embraced throughout his life both personally and professionally. It’s also what has motivated him to work with clients in areas of Community Affairs and Government Relations.

From helping businesses, organizations and individuals establish direct contact with legislators, interest groups and the media on matters of importance to the community, to aiding them in interacting with governments, and the legislative and regulatory arms of government, Mike believes that every voice matters and has a right to be heard. And he knows the most effective ways to make that happen.

If you, your business, or your organization need help with a community or government issue, reach out to Mike and the Billoni Associates Team. Let them help your voice be heard and matter.

Call us today and let’s Make It Rain!



PUBLIC RELATIONS and MEDIA:  Everyone has a story to tell.

In order to raise awareness of your organization, build an audience for your brand, or market and sell your product. It won’t matter how much you post on your website blog or social media channels, or how much you pay for advertising.

If the story of your business or your product is not engaging, your efforts will fall short of your goals.

The good news is that everyone has a story to tell.

Mike Billoni has been telling the stories of people, places and events since his early high school years when he was added to The Tonawanda News Staff as a stringer for high school sports. He further honed his storytelling skills as a sports reporter for The Buffalo Courier Express and eventually as as a PR/Media specialist for a wide range of businesses and clients including The Buffalo Bisons, The Food Bank of Western New York, Robert E. Rich and Professor James Overfield, to name a few.

No matter who you are, or what business you own, you have a story to tell.

Give Billoni and Associates a call. Let’s Make It Rain!


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